Tungabhadra water fills lakes in Gadag

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dedicating the third water lifting unit of a project to fill lakes in Gadag district with Tungabhadra water.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dedicating the third water lifting unit of a project to fill lakes in Gadag district with Tungabhadra water.  

A part of the Singatalur Lift Irrigation Project to lift water from the Tungabhadra to a height of 214 metres in three phases to quench the thirst of Gadag and Mundaragi taluks in Gadag district materialised on Saturday with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah formally dedicating the third water lifting unit (left bank) of the project to the people.

Accompanied by Minister for Water Resources M.B. Patil and Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj H.K. Patil, the Chief Minister inaugurated the water lifting unit of the left bank at Hammigi Barrage in Mundaragi taluk of Gadag district.

The project dates back to 1992, when the then State government gave administrative approval for drawing 7.64 tmcft of water from the Tungabhadra to irrigate 40,000 acres of farmland in Gadag, Koppal and Ballari districts. In 2000, the then Minister for Water Resources H.K. Patil took steps to expand the ambit of the project to 10.91 tmcft and got approval for an estimated cost of R. 595 crore. The plan included construction of barrage at Hammigi across the Tungabhadra and provide lift irrigation to the areas located on the right and left bank. In, 2012, the then Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar inaugurated the barrage at Huvina Hadagali.

In 2015, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah made a revised budgetary provision of Rs. 5,768 crore for the project to bring 48,381 acres of farmland under flow irrigation and 2.16,848 acres under drip irrigation.

Under the revised plan, irrigation facility will be extended to 55,706 acres including 35,791 acres under proposed Huvina Hadagali Command Area in Ballari district and micro-irrigation in 15,520 acres of Koppal taluk and micro-irrigation in 14,624 acres in Yalaburga taluk.

The revised plan will ensure irrigation facility to 1,59,108 acres in Gadag district including 66,827 acres (micro-irrigation in 27,754 acres) in Gadag taluk and 92,281 acres (micro-irrigation in 37,095 acres) in Mundaragi taluk.

As of now, 24.18-km long Mundawada-Hammigi canal and 69.44-km long Gadag delivery unit have been completed and water from the 3.12 tmc ft capacity Hammigi Barrage has been drawn to fill up Bhishma Kere (Lake) in Gadag city.

Already the first lifting unit of Hammigi-Mundawad, second lifting unit of Beednal and third and final lifting units of Churchihal (Kadampur) have been completed. Under the project nine tanks en route are being filled up using the Tungabhadra.

Mr. Siddaramaiah also performed ‘ganga puja’ and offered ‘bagina’ to the historical Hirevaddatti Lake, Dambal Lake and Bhishma Kere in Gadag that have been filled up with the Tungabhadra water. The tanks en route like Sambhapur, Lakkundi, Jantli Shirur and Shirol are also filled to the brim now. Mr. Siddaramaiah also inaugurated the Drip Irrigation Project on the Kadampur- Papanashi route near Jandi Peera Dargah.

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