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E-KAVI to work towards popularising State’s values; sets up branch in Mysore

MYSORE: Ella Kannada Abhimanigala Vedike International (E-KAVI), a Kannada forum dedicated to the holistic development of Kannada culture and people, opened its branch here on Sunday.

According to its organizers, E-KAVI would preserve and promote Kannada heritage and culture, network all Kannada kootas, associations, sanghas and vedikes around the world, and inculcate a sense of responsibility among Kannadiga youth so that they could become leaders in their respective fields.


The vedike would also help protect the rich linguistic diversity in Karnataka, ensure that Kannadigas continued to enrich their language and contribute to their State, help educational institutions in different countries teach Kannada, strengthen the activities of Kanndigas in North America and create a unified voice among the people of the State.

Adoption of schools

The organisation has undertaken various initiatives to promote Kannada. It would adopt schools in rural areas of the State and provide scholarships to poor, talented students, the organisers said.

It would also respond to the problems of children in slums across the State.

“E-KAVI strongly encourages individuals who are passionate about Karnataka and its values, to participate in online community debates and to further the cause of the people of Karnataka, said V. Kumaraswamy, president, E-KAVI, Mysore unit.

Inaugurating the unit at Ganabharathi Veena Sheshanna Bhavana here on Sunday, writer H.S. Krishanswamy Iyengar expressed regret that even after 60 years of Independence, education was still “fancied” by many. Although primary education had been mandated for all in the Constitution, it still remained elusive to many.

Booklet released

The Government should lay emphasis on this issue, without which development would remain a fiction of the mind, he added. Assistant Director of the Kannada and Culture Department Halathi Somashekar released a booklet containing information about E-KAVI. Linguist Lingadevaru Halemane presided over the function.

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