Tigress moved to Tyavarekoppa safari

Majestic: The tigress that was captured near Tarikere was released into the Tiger-Lion Safari at Tyavarekoppa near Shimoga on Thurdsay night.  

A nine-year-old tigress, which was captured near Venkatapur in Tarikere taluk in Chikmagalur district on Wednesday, found a safe haven at the Tiger-Lion Safari at Tyavarekoppa near here on Thursday night.

It had created a scare at Venkatapur after attacking a person and it was captured by administering tranquilisers. Then it was brought to the safari at the suggestion of the wildlife authorities of the Forest Department. The tigress, which was stated to be in state of shock after being captured, is recovering fast. It was stated that the decision to shift the tigress to the safari was taken after the Chief Wildlife Warden, B.K. Singh, visited Lakkavalli.