Thousands of non-existent voters ‘emerge’ in Hubli-Dharwad

Girish S Pattanashetti

66,982 voters in Assembly constituencies in Hubli-Dharwad not found

Systematic, diligent work exposes large-scale discrepancies in the electoral list

Over 27,000 names are to be deleted in Hubli Rural

HUBLI: At least names of 66,982 non-existent voters have been discovered in the electoral list of three Assembly constituencies of Hubli-Dharwad during a comprehensive revision of voters’ list there.

According to electoral officials, in the Assembly constituencies of Hubli City, Hubli Rural and Dharwad City, the electorate was 6,67,283. Of these, 66,982 voters could not be traced.

Names not deleted

“We can’t treat these voters as bogus as in many cases whenever a family shifts its residence from a locality, the head of the family rarely applies for deletion of the names from the voters’ list”, an electoral official told The Hindu on the condition of anonymity.

But there are reasons to believe that these voters are bogus. For example, at Maruti Nagar in Hubli City nobody knew the whereabouts of 429 voters whose names were listed continuously in the voters’ list.

Indraprasth Nagar in Hubli City under booth number 135 had names of 417 voters who did not exist.

Another locality where a large number of bogus voters was found was S.M. Krishna Nagar that falls under booth number 118 in Hubli City.


“The total electorate in this area was 5,836. Now after revision we have recommended deletion of 3,131 names from the voters’ list of S.M. Krishna Nagar and adjacent areas,” the official said.

He said systematic and diligent revision work had brought out the discrepancies in the voters’ list. “More than 700 personnel of the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation, Regional Transport Office, Commercial Tax, Forest, HESCOM and railways were involved in the voters’ list revision work,” he said.

Meticulous revision

The Hubli Rural constituency had an electorate of 1,61,944 as on November 2. After revision, 17,865 names are to be deleted from the voters’ list.

This is because 748 voters in the list had died.

There were 2,001 double entries in the list and the number of migrant or non-existent voters was 15,116.

Similarly, of the 2,81,533 voters in Hubli Rural assembly constituency, 27,034 names are to be deleted.

This is because 1,612 in the list were dead, there were 2,439 double entries and the remaining 22,983 voters were either migrant or non-existent.

Many double entries

In Dharwad City Assembly Constituency, 22,083 names are to be knocked off the list. Of the 2,24,806 voters in the constituency, 1,782 had died.

There were 2,830 double entries and the number of migrant or non-existent voters was 17,471.

The non-existent voters have been found in such large numbers only in the three Hubli-Dharwad Assembly constituencies.

Non-existent voters

In others, the numbers are relatively lower. In Dharwad Rural, 2,567 names are to be deleted, 9,157 non-existent voters are to be removed from Navalgund constituency, 5,501 from Kalghatgi and 6,122 from Kundagol.