Solar rebate increases by Rs. 10

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Escoms asked to install timers for streetlights

BANGALORE: The monthly solar rebate for power consumers having solar water heaters has now been increased from the present Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission.

The Commission which effected the increase in the rebate in its power tariff order issued on Wednesday said it would encourage use of solar water heaters and help the Escoms in managing the peak-hour supply by reducing the demand for grid power. The commission also waived the wheeling charges for the transmission of grid-connected solar power.

Taking serious exception to streetlights glowing even during the daytime, the commission has asked all Escoms to install timers on streetlights so that they will automatically switch off during the day. It also recommended use of energy-saving CFLs and LED lamps in streetlights besides adopting the Bachat Lamp Yojana being initiated by the Bureau of Indian Energy Efficiency, for energy conservation.

Tariff levels

It asked the Escoms to meter all installations and to convince farmers about the benefits of metering. It fixed different levels of tariff for every unit of power consumed by irrigation pump sets in different Escoms, which has to be paid by the Government. But when asked how they would measure the exact consumption by IP sets as they are not metered, KERC Chairman K.P. Pandey said: “You should ask this question to the Government which has gone ahead with free supply to IP sets without metering them.”

The commission also made it mandatory for Escoms to conduct energy audit of all cities and towns having a population of 50,000 and above.

To promote energy loss reduction, it increased the high voltage rebate for industries.

Mr. Pandey made it clear that the tariff order issued by the Commission on Wednesday would continue till the next tariff revision.

FKCCI’s reaction

The Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry is upset with the increased tariff for industrial category. FKCCI President J. Crasta told presspersons that the hike may force the industries near Bangalore to move to the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.

He said his organisation was examining the possibility of moving the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity over the tariff issue.

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