She is enamoured of seashells

Special Correspondent

Jayamma shapes these inanimate objects into works of art

MYSORE: This is a unique exhibition, a private initiative in establishing an art gallery that depicts works of an individual enamoured of seashells.

The Jaya Seashell Art Centre and Museum, established in 1997, is located opposite the SBM main branch on Irwin Road.

Y. Jayamma, hailing from a well-known family of artists and sculptors, has been the source of inspiration behind this museum. One of Ms. Jayamma's uncles S.N. Swamy is a noted artist, and one of her ancestors T. Yalakkachar was involved in the construction of the Mysore Palace.

Ms. Jayamma's medium brings alive the world of seashells and conches. She breathes life into these inanimate objects as her deft hands pick up the right combination of shells and gets the concrete shape of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, important personalities of the contemporary world or characters of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epics.

Ms. Jayamma has won many awards including the Krishnarajendra Wadiyar Silver Jubilee Award and Dasara awards.