Sea erosion

Sir, — Over the last ten years, the coastal belt has been experiencing sea erosion during rainy season. Wherever the erosion aggravates, people use boulders and sandbags as a control measure.

However, these boulders and sandbags are carried away by the waves.

Many chief ministers have visited the places where sea erosion occurred and promised action.

Even Mr. Kumaraswamy promised during one of his visits here that he would take steps to construct a permanent wall at places which are subjected to erosion.

Nothing happened in the 20 months of his tenure as Chief Minister.



Put CVS on hold

Sir, — The capital value system (CVS) of property tax being proposed by the Government is horrifying.

It will be a cruel way of driving the owners of houses out of Bangalore.

I request the authorities to adopt a realistic approach by making house-owners pay the tax based on the expected rentals.

Hope the old Bangaloreans do not run away from the city just as farmers in villages do.

C.B. Dyuthikar


Booklet on tax

Sir, — The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has announced that the booklet containing the details of capital value system would be released for the benefit of property owners.

I request the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike authorities to make the booklet available in public sector banks in each ward for the benefit of senior citizens who cannot go all the way to Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike offices to purchase the booklet.

T.V. Venugopal


Traffic congestion

Sir, — Of late, the number of vehicles plying on Kammanhalli Main Road in Bangalore has increased enormously.

With Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and private buses competing with one another for space on the narrow road, traffic jams have become the order of the day.

Lack of proper parking facility has only compounded the problem, and the pedestrians are bearing the brunt of it.

There are no specific pedestrian crossings, speed breakers (road humps), traffic signals or traffic police on the road.

Heavy vehicles keep plying on the road, unmindful of the ban on their movement there.

I request the authorities to immediately provide traffic signals and road humps or at least post a traffic constable to regulate the traffic and save the pedestrians from accidents.

N. Raju


ATM needed

Sir, — Vidymanyanagar in Andhrahalli Second Stage, Bangalore, is well developed with many planned layouts and factories around it.

There is an urgent need to provide ATM facility in the extension, especially for senior citizens to draw their pension.

I request the authorities of the Canara Bank to open an ATM centre in Vidymanyanagar at the earliest.

K.R. Raghavendra Rao


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