Scared donkey hides under a bus, brings traffic to a halt

Staff Correspondent

HUBLI: Often protests in the form of rallies, road blocks cause hardships to the general public. On Tuesday, a donkey had to suffer because of a protest in Hubli, and it, in turn, caused a traffic jam.

The protesters, led by office-bearers of the Samata Sainik Dal and other organisations, took out a procession in Hubli to condemn the proposed anti-cow slaughter Bill.

When the procession passed through Lamington Road, one side of the road was blocked leading to a traffic jam.

Meanwhile, a donkey, which probably was frightened by the commotion, thought it right to take shelter under a stationary bus.

No budging

However, when the procession moved on, somebody noticed the donkey under the bus and told the bus driver about it. The driver immediately got off the bus and tried to drive the donkey away from under the bus. However, the donkey, which seemed frightened, did not budge an inch.

As curious onlookers gathered around the bus, the little animal got even more scared making it impossible for the bus driver to drive the animal away to safety. It took more than half-an-hour for some good Samaritans to come to the rescue of the driver and the scared donkey. Fortunately, the donkey didn't kick anybody, and as soon as it found itself safe, it ran off from the place.

And, during all these developments traffic remained hit.

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