SMS to bond BSNL with customers

Anil Kumar Sastry

The telecom major is keen on improving after-sales service

BANGALORE: BSNL is all set for a makeover, one that is customer-friendly and always ready with information. The telecom major is routing its new image through SMS.

“Our endeavour begins the moment a customer approaches us for a new landline, broadband or a mobile connection. Once the new customer's application is processed, the work order and the contact number of the officer will be sent to him via SMS. Another SMS will be sent to the jurisdictional telecom officer giving him details of the work to be executed,” said Shubhendu Ghosh, Principal General Manager of Bangalore Telecom District.

Following through, BSNL would ask the customer for feedback through SMS. If the customer was not satisfied, the personnel responsible would be asked to improve their services. Now, there was little data available from the customer's end, Mr. Ghosh said.

BSNL would implement its plan within a month, Mr. Ghosh told The Hindu.

The SMS (short messaging service), Mr. Ghosh said, would not be restricted to new customers. BSNL had over 18 lakh customers, both landline and mobile, in the Bangalore telecom district and it would remain in constant touch with them through SMS.

Handbills detailing BSNL services available through SMS would be sent along with landline and mobile bills to all customers in the telecom district. This would enable customers to avail the services without resorting to voice calls.

Mr. Ghosh said BSNL had so far been poor in providing after-sales service and that was the reason for the makeover. The plan would not cost a fortune. On the other hand, it would enhance customer loyalty, he said. He said BSNL was planning to open customer service centres between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The only hitch in this was that since BSNL was government-run, there were fixed working hours for its employees. The company was examining ways to overcome this hurdle, he added.