Residential school teachers face uncertain future

Special Correspondent

Decision to outsource recruitment

affects them

GULBARGA: Teachers working in the Morarji Desai Navodaya Model residential schools here are facing an uncertain future after the government decided to outsource recruitment of teachers working in those schools from the current academic year.

President of the Karnataka State Morarji Desai Navodaya Model Residential Schools Principal and Assistant Teachers’ Welfare Association Anaveer Harsur said here on Tuesday that more than 2,500 teachers working in these schools neither had job security nor were paid decent salaries under the new dispensation of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), who have taken up the responsibility of providing teaching staff to these schools.

Mr. Desai said that Morarji Desai Navodaya Model residential schools were started in every taluk to provide quality education to students from rural areas.

Each taluk had two schools, one for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe students and the other for Backward Class and general students.

The government decided to recruit teachers on contract basis for these schools by paying them a salary ranging from Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 8,000 a month.

The teachers were made to stay in the residential school to take care of the educational requirements of the inmates.

Mr. Desai that the teachers had been demanding regularisation of their services and benefits on a par with those working in government and government-aided schools since the basic qualification for recruitment of teachers to the Morarji Desai Residential Schools was same as that of Government and Government-aided schools.

Most of the teachers were post-graduates with B.Ed were drawing a salary of Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 6,000.

The agencies which had taken the responsibility of providing the teachers did not pay them regularly and instead deducted Rs. 1000 from their salaries towards Provident Fund.

Also, they did not issue any receipts.

Earlier ban

Mr. Desai said that the State Government had earlier claimed that there was a ban on recruitment and denied permanent employment to the teaching staff working in the Morarji Desai Residential School.

But the ban had been removed and the government should take up special recruitment of teachers in the school by giving weightage marks to teachers serving in the schools in the Common Entrance Test (CET) and recruit full time teachers, he said.