Rescued cobra released into forest

Snake catchers Gangadhar Kallur and Suresh Heggeri caught a cobra, which entered the premises of a factory near KMF in Dharwad on Tuesday night, and released it into the forest off Haliyal Road on Wednesday.

Mr. Kallur and Mr. Heggeri rushed to the spot after receiving a call from factory owner Kanavi and caught the cobra, which was in the godown where firewood was stored.

As the “Naga Panchami” festival is fast approaching, a few residents of the area offered puja to the cobra.

Before releasing the cobra into the forest, Mr. Kallur and Mr. Heggeri took it to the Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra, where they educated students about snakes.

Mr. Kallur and Mr. Heggeri appealed to the people not to kill snakes that entered the residential areas.

‘Alert us'

“Just alert us. We will catch the snakes and release them into the forest,” Mr. Gangadhar said.

Mr. Kallur can be contacted on Ph: 08362741197 and Mr. Heggeri on 9448565136.

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