Registrar complains against VC of women’s varsity

Staff Correspondent

‘Dr. Akhtar has taken away my powers without any reason’

BIJAPUR: The Registrar of the Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, G.V. Sugar, has complained to the Governor against the style of functioning of Syeda Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor. In a letter to the Governor, Mr. Sugur has alleged that Dr. Akhtar has taken away his powers without any reason.

The Vice-Chancellor has delegated all his powers to the Registrar (Evaluation) and the Dean of Social Science Department under Section 15 (4) of KSU Act, 2000. As per Section 17, the Registrar is the whole time officer of the university and member-secretary of the Syndicate, Academic Council and the Finance Committee. The Registrar is the custodian of all records, and properties, and authorised to issue administrative orders, including financial sanctions, notifications for admissions, besides correspondences with the Government and the Governor.

However, according to Mr. Sugur, all these works are being done by the two officials on the direction of the Vice-Chancellor. Sources close to Dr. Akhtar defended the action stating that it had been done as Mr. Sugur had not been “cooperative”.

However, according to him, no officer could be divested of his/her functions vested by an Act.

He told The Hindu that if it was done so, it would amount to punishment of an officer. Punishment could be given only when charges of indiscipline, illegality against the officer were probed and proved. In this case, neither of them existed.

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