Rajanahalli Lift Irrigation Project on hold

H.S. Narasimha Kumar

The project was meant to fill 23 tanks with water from the Tungabhadra

The Governor to make the final decision

on the project

DAVANGERE: Implementation of the ambitious Rajanahalli Lift Irrigation Project to fill 23 tanks in Davangere, Agalur and Harpanahalli taluks with Tungabhadra water may be delayed for an uncertain time owing to the fall of the coalition government in the State. The people of these three drought-hit taluks, who were anxiously awaiting the implementation of the project all these days, are again in for disappointment.

Major tanks of the three taluks such as Hebbal tank, Halavarthy, Anaji, Tuppadahalli, Honnur and Tumbigere Echagatta had dried up for 40 years and people of over 140 villages of these taluks had been deprived of water both for irrigation and drinking. People of these villages through an agitation that went for more than 100 days, succeeded in drawing the attention of the previous government which promised to implement the proposed Rajanahalli Lift Irrigation project to fill the 23 tanks with Tungabhadra water.

The final decision on the project will be made by the Governor.

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