Police look for evidence into serial killing claims

Staff Reporter

Bangalore: The city police are continuing with their efforts to search for evidence regarding 21 murders claimed to have been committed by Chandrakanth S. Sharma (46) in Pune, Manmad, Nashik and Mumbai. Sharma revealed about the murders after he was arrested along with his wife and son for allegedly murdering a retired Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) engineer S.V. Raghavan here on January 10, 2008.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Alok Kumar told The Hindu on Monday that the city police team was moving with Sharma to the places where he has committed the crime two decades ago. The police team was taking the assistance of the local police in gathering the information.

Mr. Kumar said though local residents in Manmad and Nashik remembered the deaths during 1980s for which Sharma has reportedly claimed responsibility, there were no cases registered with the police. “The death of land broker Manmohan Singh in Manmad has been registered as due to heart attack. Sharma claims to have murdered him by administering chloroform.”

Mr. Kumar said the city police have sent requisitions to the local police units for gathering information about the relatives of the victims. “As these are old cases, we have asked them to get in touch with retired police officers and personnel.” The city police was trying its best to dig out evidence on Sharma’s claim of murders, “where no cases have been registered and no post mortems have been done,’ he said.

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