Physics, mathematics not given their due: Rudraiah

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Research-oriented course inaugurated

Contributions in the field of bio-medical engineering appreciated

GULBARGA: The former Vice-Chancellor of Gulbarga University, N. Rudraiah, on Monday said that physics and mathematics, which form an integral part of engineering courses, should be given equal importance and taught to students during the full course instead of discontinuing them halfway.

Speaking after inaugurating a research-oriented course on “Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics” at the Poojya Doddappa Appa College of Engineering here, Prof. Rudraiah, who has established the National Research Institute of Applied Mathematics in Bangalore, said that engineering courses were nothing but basics of physics and mathematics.


He said that without understanding physics no engineering student can create designs and to solve related problems one has to understand the “physics of the problems”.

However, physics was not getting due importance in engineering courses where it was being taught only up to the second semester.


Prof. Rudraiah said that AICTE should take the initiative to bring about changes in the curricula of engineering courses to include physics as a subject throughout the course period in engineering sciences.

Similarly, mathematics should be given equal attention and importance in engineering courses. Referring to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Prof. Rudraiah said that CFD was the most important component of engineering and without computational methods finding accurate results would be difficult.

He complimented the college for organising the course and said this would go a long way in benefiting teachers and students of the region.

He said that the engineering faculty played a crucial role in finding solutions to people’s problems and making life easy for them.

The contribution of engineers in the field of bio-medicals was immense. It has lowered the risk of life with the invention of new methods of surgery.

In the field of treating cardio vascular diseases, bio-medical engineering has played a crucial role in devising new ways to remove blocks in arteries.


Recently, a bio-medical engineering student had come out with a formula to reduce the side-effects of laser surgery to remove blocks in arteries. Prof. Rudraiah said that bio-medical engineers have come out with a new method to replace a cartilage during surgery to cure arthritis by using nano and smart material.

The loss of cartilage was one of the major problems in surgery to cure arthritis and the new method was not only safe but also affordable.

In a word of advice to the college, which has attained autonomous status, Prof. Rudraiah said that the college should take the initiative to introduce modern methods of teaching in courses offered by it and include quiz competitions as part of internal examinations.

This would increase the interest among students to learn the subject and earn more marks.

Stressing the need for updating the knowledge of teachers, he said that at the end of every semester, orientation courses for teachers should be conducted compulsorily.

Scientist T. Sundarajan of IIT Chennai spoke. President of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society Basavaraj Bhimalli presided over the inaugural function. College principal V.D. Mytri welcomed the gathering. More than 150 academics from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are participating in the course.

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