People prefer Indian fruits to arrivals from abroad

COSTLY?: Washington apples cost anything between Rs. 100 and Rs. 129 a kg.

COSTLY?: Washington apples cost anything between Rs. 100 and Rs. 129 a kg.  

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Most of them want them as they are cheaper

Bangalore: Washington apples, kiwi fruit, purple grapes from California competing with our own Bangalore blue, Chinese pears and sweet, small watermelon. All of them jostling for space with our own guavas, Coorg oranges, sapotas and Shimla apples.

What is more cooling and cool than feasting on slices of fresh fruit on a hot summer day. Our markets and supermarkets are chock-a-block with fruits, both of native as well as foreign origin.

Bangaloreans, while waiting for the mangoes to flood the market, are grabbing the best of fruit varieties.

Most shopkeepers say people mostly prefer local fruits to imported ones as they need to pay more for the latter. But then, there are those who are willing to snap up the imported fruit.

While the Washington apples cost anything between Rs. 100 and Rs. 129 a kg, the price of Shimla apples are not exactly a song either. You have to pay at least around Rs. 90 a kg for them.

Whoever said Chinese goods are cheap has not tried the pears that cost between Rs. 99 and Rs. 159 a kg while kiwi fruit from New Zealand cost Rs. 25 per fruit or Rs. 199 a kg.

Rakesh D., Manager, Fresh @ Basaveshwarnagar, says: "People generally prefer Indian fruits to imported ones in this area as here we cater to middle class customers. But in our branches in Indiranagar and Jayanagar, most of our customers prefer imported ones."

Leelavathi C., a homemaker, says: "It is not that one prefers only imported fruits or Indian fruits. It depends on the fruit. I prefer Australian apples as they are tastier, the same with cherries. But when it comes to all the other fruits, what we get here in the Indian market are better."

A casual chat with the owner of a fruit stall in Basvanagudi was enlightening. "I only sell Indian fruits," he declares.

And when pointed out the sticker on the apples that says "From U.S.A.", pat came the reply: "Oh, we just stick it though the fruits are from here."

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