Now a documentary on Sewell’s book on Vijayanagar

B.N. Chandrakanth

B.N. Chandrakanth  

K.N. Venkatasubba Rao

BANGALORE: The maker of a two-part documentary film on Hampi, Whispering Stones and Rhythm in Silence, is now making a documentary based on Robert Sewell’s popular book on the history of the Vijayanagar empire: “A Forgotten Empire”.

The book was first published in November 1900. It focuses on the regime of the 16th Century ruler Krishnadevaraya.

B.N. Chandrakanth says that the 20 episodes of 25 minutes each will be titled “Once upon a time…” and will record the glory of Hampi as seen through the eyes of the famous Portuguese travellers Domingo Paes and Fernao Nuniz who visited the Vijayanagar Empire in 1520 AD and 1535 AD, respectively. The narratives of Paes and Nuniz provide a graphic account of the flourishing city — even its town planning, water supply system and businesses.

He will use animation technology for the purpose of recreating the age, he says.

The two travellers describes how traders sold precious gems on the streets of Vijayangar in “seer” (the traditional Indian measure), and how elephants, horses, and cows roamed fearlessly around the city.

Director (Monuments) Archaeological Survey of India K.P. Poonachha will be the project’s chief consultant, Mr. Chandrakanth says.

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