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NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL: Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics  

Music and Lyrics


Cast: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore

Director: Marc LawrenceFor a Valentine release, (it opened worldwide on February 14), Music and Lyrics is quite low on the love quotient.

There is Hugh Grant playing the lovable rake one more time as Alex Fletcher, a washed out `80s pop star who now earns a fairly decent living performing at country fairs and class reunions where he shakes his hips, wears tight trousers and sequinned jackets.

He has a chance of a comeback when a Christina Aguilera-style pop princess Cora offers him a chance for a duet provided he writes a song in a week.

That is a bit of a problem as Fletcher has written a song in 10 years.

Enter quirky flower child Sophie Fisher in the charming person of Drew Barrymore who has a talent for poetry and rhyme.

Sophie does not want to collaborate as she is nursing a broken heart after an evil professor used her as an unflattering model for his latest bestseller. But all that is beside the point as Sophie and Alex work together and fall in love, fallout over creative difference (that is a first!), and make up at the big concert.

The Cora character played by the stunning Haley Bennett is fun as is Kristen Johnson as Sophie's elder sister. Barrymore and Grant are charming, but there is no chemistry at all.

The film is not even like junk food, which at least is satisfying while you are eating it.

We will just have to wait for some inspired contra-casting that will see Grant as a psychopath.

Now that would be a movie worth waiting for!