Newsletter reaches out to 1,000 farmers

Shankar Bennur

’Raitha Dhwani’ is one-year-old

K. Shanthkumar

is the editor

Eleven are on advisory panel

Mysore: A group of development-oriented farmers of the Cauvery river basin have been disseminating information related to agricultural activities through a four-page weekly newsletter called “Raitha Dhwani”. The newsletter was started in October last year.

“Raitha Dhwani” is published in Mysore by a group of farmers who are engaged in sugarcane and paddy cultivation in Mysore and Chamarajanagar districts. The newsletter is aimed at updating farmers across the State on the developments taking place in the farm sector.

The newsletter is being brought out in association with the Sugarcane Growers’ Association. The articles deal with the problems farmers are facing and the challenges they will have to face in future.

“It could be a small step covering only few farmers but there are larger benefits since information is spread by word of mouth – from one farmer to another,” says Raitha Dwani Editor Kurubur Shanthkumar, who is also the president of Sugarcane Growers’ Association.

The newsletter is said to be one of the few publications published entirely by farmers.

Over 1,000 farmers have subscribed to the newsletter, according to him. Eleven farmers are there on the advisory panel of Raitha Dhwani. With a contribution of Rs. 8,000 from each of the farmers on the panel, the newsletter aims to reach out to 5,000 farmers in the next six months.

“We do not go by the number of subscriptions but on the number of farmers being benefited from the information disseminated. Next year, we shall ensure that all farmers’ leaders in the State get the newsletter so that the message reaches a larger number of farmers,” Mr. Shanthkumar said.