New technology may be adopted for roads

Such roads are expected to last 50 years

The State's Task Force for quality in public construction headed by C.S. Chandrashekar has favoured construction of new roads with the reinforced cement concrete or overlay concrete (white topping) on the existing asphalt roads.

“Though this is a bit costly compared to the asphalted roads, the advantage of the concrete or white topped roads is the durability and the fact that there is less wear and tear. These roads last 50 years. These roads do not get affected even when there is water- logging,” Mr. Chandrashekar, Chairman of the Task Force, told presspersons on Thursday.

Mr. Chandrashekar and two other members of the Task Force – C.E.G. Justo and J. Ravindranath – had come to inspect work on white topping of 300 metres of Hosur Road between the Madiwala Check Post and Ayyappa Temple junction.

The white topping technology involves laying of a thin layer of concrete on the existing roads that is in good condition. “We found this technology, which is being used for the first time in the State, good for roads. The Cement Manufacturers Association has come forward to demonstrate the technology on the Hosur Road,” Mr. Chandrashekar said.

Why Hosur Road?

The heavy movement of traffic on the Hosur Road made the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike select this road for the demonstration, said T.N. Chikkarayappa, BBMP's Chief Engineer (Major Roads). “Moreover, the utility lines here run along the pavement on either sides of the Hosur Road and do not criss-cross,” Mr. Chikkarayappa said. “We want our engineers to know about the new technology, which could be used on the 200-km of the arterial roads,” he said.

Mr. Justo said the existing bituminous road was prepared and 15-inch layer of the concrete was being laid on it. Care had to be taken in proper curing of such road stretches. “Workers have to be well trained in implementing this technology. There should be not be instances such as over watering as it's seen today, which affects the quality of the road,” Mr. Justo said.

S.V. Patil of the association said several engineers and contractors dealing with road construction had been called to see the execution of the new technology. “We are sharing our knowledge and show as how the concrete can be sustainable,” Mr. Patil said.

Meanwhile, some residents were unhappy over damage of road asphalted a year ago for the new technology. “This technology may be good, but does it prevent damage caused due to road digging. The authorities are not aware as to where the utility lines are located,” said Vishwas L.

  • Hosur Road selected for trying this new technology
  • It can be laid on the existing bituminous roads

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