Need to teach spiritual, philosophical values to children stressed


Caste barriers hamper the efforts of unifying the country, says Sri Ravi Shankar

CHIKMAGALUR: Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji, founder of the Art of Living Foundation, said here on Tuesday that the country would face anarchy unless changes were made in the education system.

Speaking to presspersons, Sri Ravi Shankar stressed on the need to teach yoga and spiritual and philosophical values to children. He regretted that traditional literature was being neglected under the guise of secularism.

Pointing out that children who have studied in religious institutions do not become radicals, he predicted that the country would be taken over by subversive elements like naxalites if importance was not given to spirituality. He said religious awareness should be created in the rural areas. According to him, caste barriers hamper the efforts of unifying the country. A campaign on truth and reconciliation involving Dalits and upper castes would be launched in New Delhi on March 9 to break down the caste barriers.

Replying to a question, he said the people should put up an organised fight against corruption. The media plays an important role in creating awareness among the people in this regard, he added.

Sri Ravi Shankar who visited Dattatreya Peeta said he was astonished with the number of barricades that have been erected around the shrine.

He did not perceive any threat to the pilgrimage centre as the people of the State were peace loving.

No restrictions

He said there should be no restrictions for any community offering prayers at the Peeta. Stating that the issue has been politicised, he said he did not feel that there was any controversy amongst the devotees.

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