Multiple bus terminals proposed

Special Correspondent

MYSORE: Calling for clear thinking on the vexed issue of the location of the city bus-stand, the Mysore Grahakara Parsihat has mooted the idea of multiple bus terminals.

The MGP said that instead of concentrating the operation of services from one centre the authorities should construct different terminals and streamline bus operations so as to reduce congestion around the palace and K.R. Circle.

This follows the confusion surrounding the Mysore City Corporation’s (MCC) move to shift the bus-stand to the People’s Park and Transport Minister R. Ashok’s decision to not relocate the bus-stand from its present location adjoining the palace.

L. Nagaraj Urs of the MGP said that one central bus-stand for a city as big as Mysore would create unbearable traffic congestion and hence it would be better to have a few mini bus-stands in various locations especially on the fringes of the city. Not only would it benefit the public but it would also reduce traffic congestion, said Mr. Urs.

The MGP said that the MCC and the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation should take into cognizance the projected growth of Mysore in the next few decades and decide on the location keeping in mind future requirements.

The MGP argued that the early administrators were endowed with great foresight and had taken steps to ensure that no buildings came up within 50 mts to 75 mts around the palace.

But over the years this plan was ignored and there was a proliferation of buildings around the palace of which the bus-stand was one.

Hence it would be prudent to remove the bus-stand, said Mr. Urs who pointed out that there was a case pending before the High Court pertaining to the palace and the land surrounding it.

The MGP also took exception to the idea of shifting the bus-stand to the People’s Park as it went against a High Court ruling.

It reiterated that mini-terminals were the best solution to tide over traffic congestions and meet the requirements of the public.

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