More Kannadigas in BIAL, says CEO

Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Bengaluru International Airport Ltd. (BIAL) on Monday claimed that it has given preference for Kannadigas in jobs and at present 53 per cent of its total workforce (473) are Kannadigas as on March 31, 2008.

In a press release, the BIAL said that out of 185 managers, 74 are Kanadigas (40 per cent of total managers).

BIAL has been giving new applicants from Karnataka, and particularly candidates from the neighbourhood of BIA, the attention they deserve. Since the end of February 2008, BIAL has received around 2,000 resumes from Karnataka local and 574 of these resumes have been submitted by candidates claiming to have lost land when the land for the new airport was originally acquired by the Government. Of these, 210 have been recruited at the airport. All the other resumes were classified into qualification groups and interviewed for positions of relevance, the release added..

Also, the BIAL has been asking various concessionaires to give preference to Kannadigas. applications received was handed over to the concessionaires for further screening.

The release said 80 per cent of the recruits in concessionaires are Kannadigas. Total recruitments made by the Concessionaires are around 2,750 employees, the release said.

Albert Brunner, CEO of BIAL, said: “In future, the increase in capacity will lead to more recruitment by the concessionaires as well as BIAL. BIAL will make sure that the preference is given to the Kannadigas as far as possible.”

No taxis

The Karnataka City Taxi Operators (Controller) Association will suspend services in city in view of its Wednesday protest demanding preference to local taxi drivers at the new airport. A release said that if taxi drivers from the State were neglected, 25,000 would be jobless.

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