Modi slams Congress for remarks on Gujarat

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‘How can they dream of converting Karnataka into Gujarat?’

Even with one river, Gujarat gives 24-hour, three-phase power

‘With two rivers flowing through it, Raichur district remains backward’

Raichur: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing an election rally in Raichur on Thursday, expressed his pleasure for visiting Raichur for second time. He visited Raichur first time in 1992 during “Ekta Yatra” led by Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani.

Although his speech had attracted a considerable crowd, the people from outside Raichur were not allowed to attend the rally because of restrictions imposed by the Election Commission.

Mr. Modi said that the wave was in favour of the BJP and the people of Karnataka should give full mandate to his party in these elections.

A fractured mandate might once again lead to political instability in the State.

He said that he was surprised to note that the Congress leaders in the State were talking about Gujarat when they were fighting elections in Karnataka and repeatedly spelt out that they (Congress) would never allow Karnataka to become another Gujarat.

“How can they (Congress) dream about turning Karnataka into Gujarat?,” he asked and said that the Congress had no interest to show development in the State.

He said Gujarat had achieved rapid strides in all fields even when only Narmada flowed in it. Gujarat provided three-phase power supply round-the-clock in all its villages by exploiting the available resources. His Government in Gujarat was first in the country to bring down the number of pending court cases from 2.10 crore to 20 lakh.


But with two rivers — Krishna and Tungabhadra — Raichur was still a backward region.

Even with plenty of water, the district lagged behind in development and about 50 per cent of the fertile land was still drought-prone.

Under the circumstances, how could the Congress was able to turn Karnataka into Gujarat, he questioned.

Mr. Modi said inflation had made the life of common man miserable because of misrule by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government at the Centre.

Inflation was under control and all godowns were full at that time when the country was under the rule of the BJP. In four years, the production of foodgrains had been reduced forcing the UPA Government to import wheat. This adversely affected the interest of wheat growers in the country.

The Gujarat Chief Minister said that the terrorism had been confined to Kashmir and the North-East.

But it had spread to Karnataka and any terrorist acts reported from other parts of the country had connection with Karnataka.

The Congress had no political will to tackle terrorism. But in Gujarat, his Government had adopted stringent measures to tackle the menace.

The continued political stability in Gujarat had helped place the State on top of the country. But the indecisive mandate had affected development in Karnataka, he said.

Without naming the Janata Dal (Secular), Mr. Modi said that the people should think on the backstabbing nature of “father and sons” rule in Karnataka.

The former Minister D.H. Shankarmurhty and M.S. Patil were present.

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