Media and pub incident

Sir, — The act of the Sri Rama Sene activists is condemnable and equally condemnable is the behaviour of the media which had prior information about the possible attack but did not inform the police.

If the Sri Rama Sene activists are into what you call “moral policing”, what is the media up to?In the name of freedom and liberalism, tradition is misinterpreted and responsibility shirked.



Streetlights needed

Sir, — There are no streetlights in the eighth and ninth phases of JP Nagar in Bangalore, especially on the Puttenhalli Main Road up to the Vinayaka Cinema. People are finding it difficult to walk in the area in darkness. I request the authorities concerned to address this problem at the earliest.

S. Raju,


Make way for the young

Sir, — Elections to the Lok Sabha are expected sooner or later, but we have had enough of politicians and their talk of service to the nation. Their endeavour is only to grab power and disregard the people. Whenever there is a crisis, our “leaders” call for sacrifice. We now appeal to them to sacrifice their candidature and not participate in the coming elections.

Let the young people decide the future of this country. We have to learn lessons from people such as U.S. President Barack Obama, who is an inspiration to many. Our Parliament is in dire need of such people. We should evolve a mechanism to ensure that the nomination of a candidate who has been convicted in a court, is rejected at the stage of scrutiny of papers.

Mudgal Venkatesh


Electronic meters

Sir, — It has come as a great surprise that it was optional for autorickshaw drivers to install electronic meters all these days. However, it is going to be made compulsory hereafter. In spite of knowing that mechanical meters can be tampered with, why was installation of electronic meters made optional is a question that authorities need to answer.

V. Padmanabhan,


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