Man gets life for teen's murder

The Principal District and Sessions Judge, Bangalore Rural, A.V. Chandrasheka, on Wednesday sentenced a 25-year-old hotel employee to life imprisonment for murdering a 14-year-old girl who spurned his marriage offer.

Allah Baksh of Koudahalli village wanted to marry Rahila, daughter of his neighbour Riyazullah. On the night of May 2, 2008, he turned up when only Rahila and her younger sister Ayesha were at home.

Asking the younger girl to leave, Allah Baksh locked the door.

After half-an-hour or so, Ayesha, who heard her sister screaming, rushed to the window to see Allah Baksh slitting Rahila's throat and injuring himself with a knife. The girl died the next day. The Thalghattapura police arrested Allah Baksh and charged him under Sections 302 (murder) and 309 (attempt to commit suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.


Prosecutor adduced the evidence of 12 witnesses, including Ayesha.

The judge also fined Allah Baksh Rs. 5,000.

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