Mahishi building: court quashes change in land use

In what could be described as a setback to the former Chief Secretary P.B. Mahishi and his sister, former Union Minister Sarojini Mahishi, the Karnataka High court on Wednesday quashed a notification by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) permitting a residential building they owned in Ganganagar, Bangalore, to be converted into commercial property.

Justice Ramohan Reddy passed the order on petitions by advocate R.H. Ron and some residents of Ganganagar who had opposed the conversion.

Allowing their petitions, Mr. Justice Rammohan Reddy said the conversion is against public interest and quashed it saying the property was allotted to Ms. Sarojini Mahishi for residential building. She had given power of attorney to Mr. Mahishi who had decoded to change the use of the 5,400 sq ft property from residential to commercial.

Several residents of the area, including Mr. Ron, had opposed conversion, saying that it would create problems in a predominantly residential area.

The building is behind the office of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in Ganganagar.

When the matter came up, the court recalled that it had asked Mr. Mahishi to be personally present and sought to know from him why its earlier order on the building use was not complied with.

On June 22, 2010, the court directed the siblings not to let out a residential building at Ganganagar for commercial purpose as the change in land use violated Section 14A of The Town and Country Planning Act.

Mr. Justice Rammohan Reddy quashed the conversion of the building and the change in land use and allowed petitions by Mr. Ron and others.

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