MLA seeks additional funds to augment water supply

Staff Correspondent

‘Deputy Commissioner has agreed to release the funds’

Raichur: Raichur MLA Syed Yasin has urged the district administration to release Rs. 30 lakh from the Calamity Relief Fund to facilitate the city municipality to find a permanent solution to augment drinking water supply in Raichur city.

In a statement here on Tuesday, he said that the people have been facing acute shortage of drinking water supply owing to lack of storage at the Rampur Water Works and the frequent leaks in the rising main of the Krishna Water Works.

At the same time, several existing borewells in different localities in the city have become defunct aggravating the problem of drinking water supply in the city.

There was a need to maintain proper water supply in all parts of the city depending on water available through the Krishna Water Works. However, lapses in water management by the city municipal officials have affected proper water supply to all wards in the city.

He said that the city municipality had spent Rs. 17 lakh which was released under the MLA’s area development fund to handle the drinking water problem. However, another Rs. 30 lakh was required to augment drinking water supply in the affected localities by sinking additional borewells and carrying out repairs to defunct borewells apart from ensuring supply of water through tankers.

He said that the issue was discussed in detail at a meeting here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Adoni Syed Saleem.

Mr. Yasin said that after reviewing the situation in the city, the Deputy Commissioner has agreed to release funds to the city municipality.