Limbo skater’s wonder feat

unique skill: Shibani M. Nayak has been practising limbo skating for nearly two years.

unique skill: Shibani M. Nayak has been practising limbo skating for nearly two years.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M.A. SRiram

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Five-year-old goes skating under 25 cars parked in a row

MYSORE: A five-and-a-half year old limbo skater was hailed as the city’s new wonder kid after she successfully glided under 25 cars lined up at Krishnaraja Boulevard here on Wednesday.

Shibani M. Nayak, a UKG student of Vijaya Vittala School in Mysore, has been practising limbo skating for almost two years now. She was cheered by a motley crowd of onlookers comprising morning strollers, joggers and students.

Accompanied by her father T.N. Mallesh Kumar and mother Roopa, the five-and-half-year-old arrived at the venue wearing roller skates, knee safety pads and other protective gear.

After a few warm-up rounds with her skates, Shibani began the feat by successfully gliding under 10 cars. In the subsequent attempts, the tiny tot managed to clear 11, 12, 17, 20 and eventually 25 cars lined up next to each other.

When the organisers added one more car, Shibani almost achieved the feat, but her coach Srikanth Rao, an Ekalavya Award winner in limbo skating, spotted the skater touching the rubber mud guard of the 26th car.

Several onlookers blamed photographers and videographers for running around the cars with their cameras and spoiling the little skater’s concentration.

A local travel agency had arranged for 30 Indica cars as the organisers had set a target of 30 cars for Shibani. Meanwhile, Shibani’s father Mallesh Kumar told The Hindu that Indica cars used for feat had a clearance of 7 inches from the ground.

“So far, no record has been set for gliding under cars with a clearance of 7 inches. The existing record in India is for clearing 54 Tata Sumo vehicles, which had a clearance of almost eleven inches”, he said.

He said that his daughter was eyeing a record by gliding under the maximum number of cars with a clearance of 7 inches. “We are planning a record-setting event in about four months after Shibani finishes her examinations”, Mr. Kumar added.

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