Kannada now on the cards

Spreading culture: Kiran displaying Kannada greeting cards at his stall in Chitradurga.

Spreading culture: Kiran displaying Kannada greeting cards at his stall in Chitradurga.  

Firoz Rozindar

The initiative is by a group of youngsters from Bangalore

Chitradurga: Kannada greeting cards are now being sold at the Sahitya Sammelan here. A group of youngsters from Bangalore has adopted the medium to express universal sentiments in the local language. The cards are being sold under the brand name ‘Chitte’ (butterfly).

Making brisk business, the stall offers cards for almost every occasion and for people of all age groups.

“We introduced cards in Kannada for two reasons. One was to popularise the language among the common people, and the second, to keep the greeting card tradition alive. People have slowly stopped sending greeting cards after the advent of SMS and email,” said a group member, A. Kiran.

Seven years old

A garment merchant by occupation, Mr. Kiran, along with some of his friends, undertook this initiative seven years ago. “We found that most greeting cards were available mainly in English, while cards that were in Kannada, did not cater to all occasions. Hence, we formed this group with the help of contributors,” he said.

Explaining the reason behind branding the cards ‘Chitte’, Mr. Kiran said the butterfly was a multi-coloured creature which had inspired the works of many an artist and poet. It also symbolised happiness as it was always around flowers. “We thought the name would be apt for greeting cards,” he said.

For the past seven years, the group had been participating in Kannada Sahitya Sammelans, he claimed and added that they were getting a good response from the people. Selling over 250 varieties of cards here every day, Mr. Kiran said the intention was not to make profit, but to popularise the concept of Kannada greeting cards.

He said young poets send in poems and couplets to the group so that they could be printed on the cards. “We also have some regular writers and editors who select literature for occasion,” he said.

The shop is also selling greetings cards for Valentine’s Day.

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