Kannada course from November

K.N. Venkatasubba Rao

Government has finalised five syllabi for the purpose

Course to cover 1.5 lakh government employees

150 resource persons have been trained

BANGALORE: The State Government has finalised five syllabi for the “Administration in Kannada” training course for non-Kannada-speaking bureaucrats (IAS and IPS) and Kannada-speaking personnel in other categories.

The course is to be launched at the district and taluk levels in November as part of the Government’s Kannada implementation year programme.

The course duration for group D employees will be one day and three days for others. The Administrative Training Institute in Mysore has trained 150 resource persons. The course will cover 1.5 lakh personnel in all categories from November to March 2010 and April 2010 to March 2011.

Chairman of the Kannada Development Authority “Mukhyamantri” Chandru told The Hindu that according to a survey of six lakh government employees in the State, 1.5 lakh officials, including bureaucrats, had serious problems in using Kannada in administration. Prompted by this, the KDA decided to organise a broad-based training course focussing on using simple Kannada in administration.

It has sought the support of the Department of Kannada and Culture, Kannada University, Hampi, and the Administrative Training Institute for the purpose.


It constituted a four-member committee headed by the Joint Director of Kannada and Culture, K.T. Chikkanna, for preparing a general syllabus for training.

After interacting with 60 government officials who find it difficult to use Kannada in administration, Mr. Chikkanna, in his report, stated that though 90 per cent of bureaucrats could read and write Kannada, they could not write without mistakes. Over 65 per cent of officials and others knew the language but faced problems in comprehension.

The committee has prepared syllabi for various categories with a focus on history and development of Kannada in administration, Kannada syntax, letter-drafting, problems in translating English papers into Kannada and use of computer technology.