Journalists press police for information on terror probe

Staff Reporter

Reporters, police officers leave press conference venue in a huff

BANGALORE: Tempers ran high at a press conference addressed by Bangalore Police Commissioner Neelam Achuta Rao on Monday with some journalists vehemently insisting that the police provide details of the investigations with regard to the Glasgow terror attack.

Mr. Achuta Rao had convened a press conference here to brief presspersons about Rs. 20 lakh worth stolen property recovered by the Central Crime Branch. But the media, which had turned up in full strength, clearly did not come to listen to statistics pertaining to larceny and theft. Instead, some of its members badgered the Police Commissioner for details of the investigation into the Bangalore angle to the Glasgow attack. The Commissioner’s statement that nothing significant had emerged so far drew long faces and sharp tongues.

When a visibly disgruntled journalist asked Mr. Achuta Rao why the police were hiding from the media and the people what they had done since the Bangalore angle surfaced a week ago, the Commissioner shot back: “We are here to find out the truth and not to tell everything to the media.”

When Mr. Achuta Rao and other senior police officers were about to leave the venue, some angry reporters shouted at them and insisted that “as it was a press conference, they should answer all the questions from the reporters before leaving.”

After the officials were forced to stay back, some journalists sought to know from the Commissioner whether he would confirm the media reports attributed to police sources and accused the officers of selectively leaking information. Mr. Achuta Rao riposted that it was not his job to analyse and confirm media reports.

When the unrelenting journalists continued to grill him, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Gopal B. Hosur intervened and said the police were not responsible for media reports linked to police sources.

The press conference ended with both journalists and police officers leaving the venue in a huff.

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