Janaspandana is farce, say people

VOCAL: A woman making a complaint at the janaspandana in Mangalore on Saturday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: R. Eswarraj

Special Correspondent

Officials fail to provide satisfactory replies

It is alleged that blue kerosene is being sold in black market

MUDA commissioner charged with harassing citizens

MANGALORE: Failure of officials and elected representatives to provide convincing solutions to the problems raised during the janaspandana here on Saturday prompted some of the people to call it a farce. MLA N. Yogish Bhat presided over the programme.

Although normality was restored after a few satisfactory replies by the officials, the discussion over non-availability of kerosene raised by a participant remained inconclusive. People pointed out that the claims of officials that blue kerosene was being distributed only to below poverty line (BPL) card-holders was not true. They alleged that blue kerosene was being sold in black market for Rs. 35 to Rs. 45 a litre. One of the participants offered to prove it. Hanumanth Kamath of Nagaritka Hitarakshana Vedike said that a catering house in Idya of Surathkal was disturbing the people of the area by creating noise and dumping waste all around the place. Charging that the complaints made against the catering house to officials had not evoked any response, he said once, Raghunath, Health Officer of Mangalore City Corporation, had been informed over telephone that the catering unit was open and causing noise in the area, the officer failed to turn up. Calling the programme a farce, Mr. Kamath urged that the catering unit be closed. When an official replied that action would be taken after consulting the higher authority, Mr. Kamath retorted that Mr. Raghunath himself was the higher authority and was evading a reply. The assurance given by the MLA, Mr. Yogish Bhat, that appropriate action would be taken, did not satisfy Mr. Kamath. He said that appropriate actions were never taken and termed the janaspandana a drama. However, district in-charge Minister Krishna J. Palemar, who joined the meeting, said that he had spoken to the catering house owner and the residents of the area. The owner had promised to shift his unit in five months.

Another participant alleged that the officials of Mangalore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) were harassing people who wanted to obtain no objection certificates for change of land use. The complainant also became angry when he was told that the matter had been discussed and would be solved soon. Claiming that the issue had been raised on many occasions, he said he had lost faith in the programme.

A woman said that the MUDA commissioner had thrown the documents of her property on her face when she had approached him for changing the land use from industrial to residential. The Minister directed MUDA commissioner to address the problems of the two complainants, immediately. “If your problems are not solved, bring it to my notice,” Mr. Palemar told the aggrieved persons.