Health effects of Climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This will affect in adverse ways fundamental determinants of health; food, air, water.

World Health Day celebrated on 7th April every year provides an unique opportunity to draw world wide attention to a subject of importance to global health.

This year the world Health Day focusses on the need to protect health from the adverse effects of climate change.

It is vital that every one is aware of the health issues and the urgency of goals to be achieved. Unstable and changing climate affects health through heat waves, storms, floods and droughts which kill tens and thousands each year.

Climate-sensitive diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and protein-energy malnutrition cause millions of deaths globally. Added to this the devastating indirect health impacts anticipated from the effect of climate change will have on food crops and the availability of fresh water in large areas of the world.

Climate change threatens to reverse the progress made in fighting diseases of poverty. The need of the hour is that it is not only animals and plants but humans also need protection from the rapidly changing environment. The verdict is in. Climate change is real. Human activities are the prime cause for climate change and can also be the solution. We must act now together to find ways to protect human health and the people on this planet.

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Memorial Hospital

Death on the football field. Heart Attack in a 18 year old while playing?

Why do people die young? Is it the same reason that a 50 year old smoker and diabetic patient die. Here are a few other less known but well defined causes of Cardiac problems which kill young people other than disease. These are usually labeled under the cause of sudden cardiac deaths. These have to do with problems in the heart not related directly with blocking or decrease of blood flow in the arteries which is generally known as Heart attack or Myocardial Infarction .

The conduction system of the heart which makes the heart beat rhythmically and regularly may be affected because of which the heart beat may suddenly become very rapid or very slow to no beat leading to death. Purposeful coordinated beat of the heart keeps blood flowing regularly and in sufficient amounts to maintain body functions –any interruption in the regularity of the heart beating leads to fainting and in worst case scenario- death.

Some of these problems continue in families as an inherited disorder and so these individuals with history of fainting or events - near death event or actual death will need to visit the cardiologist for a proper evaluation and identification of all family members at risk of this problem.

The other major group of causes is because of disproportionate ,unregulated enlargement of the heart tissue including disorganized muscle fiber arrangement and scar tissue growth.

There is enlargemen of certain muscular parts of the heart ventricles which goes unnoticed except for some amount of fatigue or breathlessness or feeling of fainting on exertion from which the individual recovers on pausing from the exercise or activity.

The muscles in this situation will contract but cannot relax properly and sufficiently.This will prevent proper filling of blood in the ventricles or in some cases the outflow of blood from the ventricles is cut off. These individuals are at a high risk of sudden death. Structural problems with deficiency in the valves of the heart or in the walls between the chambers and weakness of the aortic wall itself if long undetected.

Development of very high blood pressures in the blood flow between the lungs and heart called as Pulmonary hypertension for which there is very apparent reason.

ECGs, Echocardiograms , Electrophysiology study of the heart , Ambulatory ECG monitoring and when suspected CT Angiograms will enable identification of many of these problems.


Mysore Race Club Eye Hospital:

There will be a Mega Free Eye Screening & Cataract Surgery Camp at the Mysore Race Club Eye Hospital, Vinaya Marga, Siddartha Layout, Mysore on Wednesday the 09th April 2008 between 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM, Sponsored by Lodge Jayachamaraja No.308. The selected cataract patients will be admitted to the Hospital and Cataract Surgeries will be performed on them Free of Cost on subsequent days. The patients will be provided Free Food & Accommodation during their stay in the Hospital. For further details contact Administrator, Ph: - 0821 – 2472102 / 2472532.

As an effort to help to eradicate such avoidable blindness, MRC Eye Hospital, ever since it was established in July 1994 is conducting Free Eye Screening camps, in the Districts of Mysore, Chamarajanagar, Coorg and Mandya, in the rural and slum area. The patients who are found with matured cataract are brought to this Hospital and are operated freely by implanting Intra Ocular Lens. Major donar for the hospital is Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy.

Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology

Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology started in 1989 is a Super Speciality cancer care centre providing the entire range of cancer cares under one roof. The hospital has bed strength of 100. It is the only cancer hospital in Mysore city covering the districts of Chamarajanagar, Hassan, Chikmanglur, Mercara, Mandya & Mysore. It provides the entire spectrum of cancer treatments (Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, Immuno Therapy), including function preserving Onco-surgery, Interstitial, Radio Therapy and Linear Accelerator Therapy.

About Linear Accelerator Therapy:

Radiation therapy is a kind of treatment wherein tumour cells are exposed to a certain dose of radiation for a specified period of time, effectively causing genetic damage of those cells and translating to the tumour control.

Linear Accelerator is a break through high radiation therapy. It delivers precise beams with minimal penumbra. It generates high energy X-ray quality. Equivalent cobalt 60 beams and more penetrating beams of 16 MV energy for deep-seated leison and bulky patients.

Electron Beams taken out from the linear accelerator with different energies like 6, 9, 12 and 15 MV and so on are best suitable for superficial tumours. Beams can be shaped in accordance with the target tissue with electron beam shaping devices.

Apart from this, supportive services like onco – counseling, stoma care and other services like ex-cancer patients association, pain clinic, breast clinic, laryngectomy clinic etc. are provided. On an average 50 to 60 cases are treated with external radiation therapy every day, with about 45 new cases planned every month. The hospital is doing all types of brachy therapy including intra luminal therapy for ca. esophagus, interstitial therapy for breast and soft tissue tumor. Mould therapy for palate and penis cancers apart from the usual intra cavitary therapy for ca. cervix. On an average, 30 patients are treated with brachy therapy every month.

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