Groups vow to support women

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Hindu’s report on Thursday about young, unaccompanied women being attacked on Bangalore’s streets has galvanised concerned groups and organisations into action.

This paper had described three reported instances, two in broad daylight with the public just looking on, in what appeared to be Mangalore style attacks.

Under the tag of “Fearless Karnataka” or “Bhayada Viruddha Karnataka”, a group of more than 50 citizens met on Thursday evening to discuss the issues surrounding the attacks, as well as to discuss ways to tackle them. The members were largely from groups like Vimochana, the forum for women’s rights, and the Alternative Law Forum.

Also present were members of the fact-finding team that had just returned from Mangalore after an investigation into the teenaged girl’s suicide.

The collective hopes to create awareness about unprovoked assaults like this. Among the actions planned are the consolidation of important numbers — both of the police and helplines for victims of the assault — different campaigns to address the safety issues and communication with the police and other authorities.

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