Government sings old tune; schools happy

Karnataka Bureau

BANGALORE: With the Supreme Court declining to stay the Full Bench judgment of the High Court on the medium of instruction issue, and its stay on further proceedings in the contempt case initiated by the High Court, this has come as a mixed blessing for both the State Government and private school managements.

While the State Government has chosen to read this as its victory, the school managements see it as a slap on the face of the Government.

The stay against the contempt proceedings comes as a big relief to the State as the High Court had repeatedly said that the Government must either fall in line with the Full Bench judgment or face contempt proceedings.

Government stand

Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri stuck to his position that the Government would “continue its legal battle” in the Supreme Court.

Addressing presspersons here, Mr. Kageri reiterated the old stand that the Government is committed to implement its language policy and that private unaided minority schools would not be permitted to teach students English as the matter was pending in Supreme Court. However, he added that the Government will obey the Supreme Court order on the issue. He said that the Supreme Court had directed the Government not to take any action against schools which had applied for recognition with English and other languages as a medium of instruction.

Schools’ view

In contrast, Karnataka Unaided Schools Managements’ Association President G.S. Sharma said that this was an important victory for schools. “All schools can now run classes in English medium without obtaining any permission from the Government without until further orders. We need not wait for any permission any more,” he said.

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