Good start this season for fishermen

Fishermen in Karwar are happy that during this season they have a bumper prawn catch available in the sea.

Mechanised fishing started on August 1 this year after the ban on fishing during June and July came to an end.

Nagesh Harikantra, a fisherman, expressed happiness that this season fishermen have been able to have a good start.

Prawns are in demand in five star hotels in Goa and also in the export market. “We send prawns to the export market and also to Kerala,” he said. “The red coloured prawns are ‘very tasty' and five star hotels in Goa buy them,” said Moinuddin, an agent who buys prawns from the local fishermen.

He said that last year there was some hardship because of non-availability of fish. This time, the fishermen have had a good start, he added.

Fishermen said that it is easy to transport prawns as they have a long shelf-life.

Hence, most of them have turned their attention to do business in prawns.

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