Goa Government to soon set up 11 rural courts

Special Correspondent

They will reduce the backlog of cases, says Law Minister

Computerisation of all courts in Goa planned Litigants can learn about the status of their cases online

PANAJI: The Goa Government will set up 11 gram nyalayas (rural courts) in the State as an alternative dispute resolution system under various sections of Indian Penal Code and other State and Central laws.

The Central Bill to set up the gram nyayalayas is expected to be passed in the Budget session of Parliament later this month.

Goa Minister for Law Dayanand Narvekar said on Friday that this dispute redressal system was expected to drastically bring down the backlog of cases. The country today had over 2 crore cases pending in different courts, he said.

The Goa Government proposed to set up 11 courts, one each in each taluk of the State. They would be subordinate to the district and session courts.

These courts, he said, would be on par with the conciliatory judicial system prevalent in the United States of America, he added.

The courts would cost Rs. 6.5 lakh a year, Mr. Narvekar said and added that the Centre would fund the judicial system.

The State Government would appoint two lawyers empanelled under free legal aid scheme to help the litigants.

The judicial officer would visit the panchayat area to resolve the dispute and the disputing parties would be called during hearing of the case.

Computerisation of courts

The Minister said the computerisation of all courts, including the High Court bench, had begun and the process would be completed within three months. Litigants would be able to know the status of their cases online. He said the cases could be registered online in due course.

Goa could perhaps be the first State in the country to have online registration of cases, Mr. Narvekar added.