Fourth phase of open access system comes into effect

Special Correspondent

BANGALORE: Karnataka’s power sector has entered the fourth phase of the open access regime, which allows high tension (HT) consumers with a certain level of contract demand to procure power from anywhere in the country, from April 1.

The first, second and third phases had covered the HT installations with contract demands of 15 MW, 5 MW and 3 MW respectively. Now, it has been further widened by covering the HT installations with a contract demand of one MW.

Theses phases have been specified under the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and conditions for open access) Regulations 2004 and KERC (Terms and conditions for open access – first amendment) Regulations 2006.

The commission has determined the open access charges under its tariff orders. The transmission tariff for long-term open access is Rs. 89,699 per MW a month; that for the short-term is Rs. 737 per MW a day.

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