Five judges each posted to Dharwad, Gulbarga Benches

B.S. Ramesh

Circuit Benches to begin work from July 7

High Court has designated Bangalore as its Principal Bench

Nearly 25,000 files to be shifted to Dharwad and Gulbarga

BANGALORE: Even as a section of the legal fraternity, particularly advocates, is still discussing the pros and cons of the move to commence sittings of the High Court Circuit Benches at Dharwad and Gulbarga, the Karnataka High Court is racing ahead with its plan to put the judicial infrastructure into place in both the cities before the benches commence functioning.

The High Court has now designated Bangalore as its Principal Bench and the establishments at Dharwad and Gulbarga as Circuit Benches. The High Court has issued notifications stating that regular sittings of the two Circuit Benches would commence from July 7.

Apart from making all arrangements to move nearly 25,000 files from Bangalore to Dharwad and Gulbarga, the High Court has also come up with the list of judges who would be presiding over the benches from July 7.

Highly placed sources in the High Court told The Hindu on Saturday that files, original records and other documents relating to cases from the districts that come under the jurisdictional Benches would be moved to the two cities by road.

The High Court as of now has posted five judges each to the Dharwad and Gulbarga Benches.

he judges who will preside over the Dharwad Bench are S.R. Bannurmath, Ashok B. Hinchigeri, S, Abdul Nazir, A.N. Venugopala Gowda and A.S. Pachhapure. The judges for the Gulbarga Bench are V. Gopala Gowda, Arali Nagaraj, N.K. Patil, B.S. Patil and N. Ananda.

To ensure that advocates and litigants are not kept in the dark about which case is being transferred from Bangalore, the High Court has listed them separately on its website.

Dharwad Bench

Justice S.R. Bannurmath and Justice Hinchigeri will sit in Court Hall no 2 in Dharwad. In all, 314 cases have been listed before them, including 48 criminal appeals, 112, (miscellaneous first appeals) MFAs, 50 regular first appeals (RFAs), 50 regular second appeals (RSAs), 37 income tax appeals, 34 writ appeals and 27 writ petitions. Interestingly, the Bench will also hear fee structure matters.

Justice S. Abdul Nazir will be hearing writ petitions and 305 WPs have been posted before him. Justice A.N. Venugopala Gowda will hear all civil matters and 322 cases have been posted before him. Justice A.S. Pachhapure will hear 306 criminal cases listed before him.

Gulbarga Bench

Justice V. Gopala Gowda and Justice Arali Nagaraj will hear Division Bench matters at Gulbarga. In all, 94 MFAs, 51 criminal cases, 8 ITAs, 41 RFAs, 24 writ appeals and 13 writ petitions have been posted before the Bench, which will sit in Court Hall No. 2. Justice N.K. Patil will hear 259 cases-most of them writ petitions, while Justice B.S. Patil will hear all civil matters. Justice Ananda will hear 92 criminal cases posted before him.

Bangalore Bench

With 10 judges set to make their debut before the two Benches, the sitting list for the Bangalore Bench will also change. However, the Bangalore Bench will continue to hear public interest litigation’s and company cases. Both these cases will exclusively be heard by the Bangalore Bench and not by the Circuit Benches.

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