Fishermen discuss threat to livelihood

Staff Correspondent

Udupi: The Malpe Purse Seine Boat Fishermen’s Association on Tuesday discussed the threat to their livelihood posed by fishermen from Kerala as well deep-sea trawlers. There are 128 purse seine boats at the Malpe Fishing Harbour and over 5,000 fishermen and other workers are employed in them.

At a meeting of the association held at Malpe, its president Gurudas Bangera said fishermen from Kerala were catching fish off the Malpe coast and selling them at the Malpe fisheries harbour. Each boat from Kerala was making at least two trips to Malpe harbour every day. The fishermen from Kerala were purchasing ice and diesel at Malpe and were seen at work much before those from the region, they said.

Nothing much left

Another problem was that fishermen using deep-sea trawlers were taking away large quantities of fish, leaving hardly anything for purse seine boat fishermen. While about five fishermen usually went on a deep-sea trawler expedition, nearly 40 went on a purse seine boat. The decline in catch for purse seine boat fishermen was hitting their families hard, they said. The administration should disallow purchase of fish from the Kerala fishermen they urged. “To discuss all these issues threadbare, a meeting of all fishermen’s associations will be held at Malpe on Saturday,” Mr. Bangera said.

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