Farmers thank Mother Earth

THANKSGIVING: Basavaraj Doddamani and his family offering puja at their field at Sharana Sirasagi in Gulbarga.  

Special Correspondent

‘Yellu Amavasya’ celebrated throughout the district on Tuesday

GULBARGA: Yellu Amavasya, one of the very few important festivals of the farming community was celebrated throughout Gulbarga district on Tuesday.

The festival is to thank Mother Earth for a good harvest.

It was celebration time in all the villages in the region with farmers along with their family, clad in new clothes, preparing food to be offered to Mother Earth.

Basavaraj Doddamani, a farmer, who was spending the day with his family in his field in Sharana Sirasagi said, “This is a special occasion for us. Yellu Amavasya signifies greenery around with Jowar crop, the main crop of this region. We offer prayers to Mother Earth.”

The farmers have a special way of offering prayers to Mother Earth. They first tie branches of Jowar and stack them together and after offering poojas, they spray a mixture of sesamamum and jaggery all around the field. “Sesamamum and jaggery are food for the worms in the field,” Basavaraj Doddamani said.

The speciality of the festival is the dishes prepared by the womenfolk. All green vegetables are used in these special dishes. Pulses, which are available in plenty, can always be found in these special preparations.

Some of the dishes prepared for the festival include bajje, which is prepared from freshly-harvested pulses. Dishes prepared with different green vegetables include pundi, chikki, palak, menthe and rajgiri. Another dish, Bartha, is made using vegetables such as pumpkin, brinjal, green tomato, spring onion. The steam-cooked jowar kadabu and sajje kadabu always find a place in the variety of dishes.

Agriculture labourers, who do not have lands, celebrate the festival in the fields of their masters.

Those in the city celebrate Yellu Amavasya in public parks and have lunch together with their family.