Family, friends grieve over deaths

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Akhil Uday’s father Uday Vijayan’s world came crashing down when he heard about the death of his son, an analyst with Chesapeake Group, which has an office in the ill-fated Carlton Towers in Bangalore. Twenty-three-year-old Uday had been working with Chesapeake for just about a year.

“It was his second job,” a grieving Mr. Vijayan said.

In 43-year-old Rajesh Subramanyam’s case, it is an unborn child that has lost its father. Mr. Subramanyam, a capital adviser with the Chesfe Group, leapt to his death from the seventh floor to escape the fire on Tuesday.

His wife Lalitha is five months pregnant.

His friend Suresh Bhat tried to desperately get in touch with him soon after he heard about the fire.

“I have known him for four years now. I called him several times and continued messaging him, ‘Where are you? Are you all right?’ But there was no response from him. Later, I got a call from the Manipal Hospital.

“They got my contact from his mobile. I rushed there, but he was already in the mortuary,” Mr. Bhat said.

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