Doing his bit to cleanse the system

Mahima Patel

Mahima Patel  

H.S. Narasimha Kumar

Mahima Patel is on a fast near Chennagiri

DAVANGERE: When all candidates are busy with campaigning and making all-out efforts to win the elections, Mahima Patel, president of the Suvarna Karnataka party and former MLA from Chennagiri, is staging a fast in a specially erected “kuteera” on the banks of the Shanthisagar tank (which is second biggest tank in Asia) near Chennagiri, from where he is contesting.

Wearing a dhoti and a white shirt, Mr. Patel sits along with his mother, Sarvamangala Patel, from morning to late night every day talking to the people coming from his constituency and enquiring with them about the day-to-day happenings in his constituency. Since he is on fast, he is taking only honey, butter milk and water every day. Inspired by Mr. Patel, many people have joined him in the fast.

Talking to this correspondent, Mr. Patel, son of the former Chief Minister J.H. Patel, says he is disgusted over the present electioneering and candidates spending huge amount of money, liquor and others. His fast is aimed at cleansing society and preventing politicians from polluting the minds of people.

Giving money, liquor and saris to people at the time of elections is bribing people to vote, he said and added that he wanted to prevent politicians from practising such a system. “Why should we spend money to get elected?” he asked and said: “If we have the confidence in us that we had done some work to our constituency and to our people, there is no need to spend money or supply liquor and saris.”

People are seen donating for his elections. Even agricultural labourers have contributed their mite for Mr. Patel. Pontiffs of many maths too have visited him and given donations.


To a question on how far his fast would influence people to vote him, Mr. Patel said: “I have selected a path of truth and honesty and it is up to the people to understand me and accept my ideology and support me.” He said that he would continue his struggle to cleanse the society irrespective of results in the elections. His agitation will go on till the day of polling.

Ms. Sarvamangala said that she had seen her husband selling acres of agricultural lands for election campaign and she had quarrelled with him on many occasions. She says that the path chosen by her son is ideal.

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