Debating Matters India is back to test the skills

Debating Matters India, the national schools' debate programme organised by the British Council, is back with its third edition.

The programme, open to students of classes XI and XII of Indian schools, started with an online elimination test (OET) on July 28 which will go on till August 18.

This will be followed by live debates in eight cities in India, including Bangalore.

The cities where the regional finals will be held are Delhi and Chandigarh in the North, Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the West, Chennai and Bangalore in the South and Guwahati and Kolkata in the East.

Each school can register a six-member debate team along with a debate coordinator teacher right from the online elimination stage. However, a school can register a minimum of four students as well.


After registering online for the OET, the teams will have to download a topic guide . Upon the completion of the test, the teams will have to submit their answer online which will be examined by British Council examiners.

The teams will be selected on the basis of the answers they give in the OET, after which the 12 shortlisted schools from each region will be seeded.

Regional finals

The regional finals at New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata will be held on September 27; and at Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Guwahati on September 29. The national finals will be held between November 18 and 20 at Chennai.

At the Bangalore regional finals, 12 shortlisted schools from Karnataka and Kerala will come together for live debates. For details, email: vani.shivakumar@in.britishcou ncil.org or call 22489220.

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