Clogged drains, heaps of garbage trouble people

Staff Correspondent

Shopkeepers contribute funds to get drains cleared

CMC president Ratnamma Mahantesh says she is not aware of problems on Old Municipal Road

Her husband Mahantesh comes on phone to say that he will send people for garbage clearance

Hassan: For people who have their business establishments on the Old Municipal Road, also called the Old CMC Road, pollution free environment is an impossible proposition. What else can one expect with clogged drains and uncleared garbage lying across the road round the year? And the situation worsens when it rains. The drains get clogged and rain water enters the shops on the ground floor.

According to shopkeepers on the Old Municipal Road,a low-lying area in Hassan, they contribute funds every month to get the drains cleared. The City Municipal Council authorities have never bothered to take up cleaning work here. Abid Salim of Hajee & Sons who has been in this area for the past 30 years says: "We have given representations to the Municipality to clear the garbage and the drain here, but to no effect. We have been requesting the authorities to lay a separate drain from Narasimha Raja Circle to the Old Municipal Road but nobody has bothered to heed to our request".

Shabbir Ahmed who has a shop in Krishna Complex says: "When it rains, we face a lot of difficulty as we have to place all the articles at least 3 ft. above the ground as rain water enters our shop. Even when shopkeepers here contribute funds to clear the drain, why cannot the CMC authorities take up garbage clearance work?"

Raghavendra, owner of Hotel Sanman, says: "The main drain starts from Maharaja Park and it passes through KSRTC Bus Stand and the Picture Palace before it enters the Old Municipal Road. As the drain is blocked with silt, rain water cannot flow freely into the drain. It thus maroons the roads and the shops on the ground floor." Raghavendra informs that several times the shopkeepers have appealed to the CMC to clear the silt and construct bypass drainage so that rain water does not maroon this low-lying area.

In fact, there is a proposal to demolish the Town Police Station to build a new building there. So, it is the right time to construct proper drains, he adds.

S.R. Manohar of EROS Tailors also says that it is high time the authorities take steps to solve the problem of uncleared garbage and clogged drains in this area. He adds that the authorities should also construct public toilets on this road which is a busy commercial area.

Mr. Manohar says that MLA H.S. Prakash who had visited the area some time back had instructed the CMC to clear the garbage using JCB.

When contacted, CMC president Ratnamma Mahantesh said she is not aware of the matter and handed over the phone to her husband Mr. Mahantesh to speak. He said he would send people and attend the job.

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