Carrot, pumpkin halwa, paneer on Nandini shelves soon

Expect new sweetmeats:Nandini plans to expand its product-spread shortly.   | Photo Credit: — File Photo

Sharath S. Srivatsa

KMF to introduce more ready-to-eat milk-based products

The products will have a shelf life of six months

Rs. 4 crore investment to bring out the products

BANGALORE: Having introduced mouth-watering sweets ranging from doodh peda to Mysore Pak, the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is now getting ready to release other ready-to-eat milk-based products.

A variety of paneer items, carrot and pumpkin halwa, payasa and khova items are among those proposed to be introduced in the ready-to-eat format. Coming with a shelf life of about six months, these milk-based delicacies will be competing with products of private companies.

“The federation is working on these ethnic products and it should hit the market soon,” Director (Marketing) Ravikumar Kakade told The Hindu. He said that the launch of new products would entail an investment of around Rs. 4 crore for which provisions have been made in the integrated business plan of the federation.

“The products are in different stages of development, and we may use the services of the Central Food and Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) or the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) for product perfection,” he said, and added that the federation hoped the goodwill of the Nandini brand name would help movement of the new products in the market.

Urban focus

“We are looking at the urban centres since ethnic sweets are in demand there. The ready-to-eat products are safer than those available in sweetmeat shops as they are sterilised products,” said Mr. Kakade. Once the home market is taken care of, they plan to explore export avenues.

Sources in the KMF hoped that the ready-to-eat products would succeed in the market as Nandini sweets had earned a good name for its quality. “Since we have all the requisite ingredients, the products would be priced competitively,” he said.

Flavoured milk

Besides the ready-to-eat products under development, the federation is working on introducing more flavours and formulations in the flavoured milk category.