Call to organise theme-based film festivals

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: From the growth of the film society movement in India to the role of DVDs in reviving the interest in art cinema, the interaction held at Biffes, the ongoing Bangalore International Film Festival, brought up a variety of topics and issues related to Indian cinema. Sudhir Nadgaonkar, general secretary for the Federation of Film Society of India; Patrizia Raveggi, Director, Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi; Malathi Sahai, Former Director of International Film Festival India, and Aruna Vasudev, Former Director OSIAN Asian Film Festival, spoke about their contribution to cinema and answered questions about the state of India cinema. . While charting the path of the concept of the Film Festival in India, Ms. Sahai said: “Festivals tend to get clumped together and get repetitive. It is time to move on to theme-based festivals which have some kind of a specialisation.”