Book your Rail Europe tour on the Internet

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Travelling across the picturesque landscape of Europe in a train can be a memorable and unique experience. And now you can book your dream Rail Europe journey, browse through information, check train schedules and opt for passes such as the Eurail Pass and the Swiss Pass from the comfort of your home on their website >www.raileurope.co.in

Pierre-Stephane Austi, chief executive officer of Rail Europe 4A, said, “India is an important and fast-emerging market placed fourth among world markets outside Europe and North America. Our India subsidiary is the first fully owned venture of Rail Europe 4A outside Europe. This bears testimony to the importance of India as a market in Rail Europe’s scheme of things.”

Florence Pasquier, Sales Director, Asia and Australia, said that the company was reaching out to business travellers as high-speed trains were the most convenient way to travel.