Blogs blacklist cheating petrol stations

Divya Gandhi

BANGALORE: “If you are staying in Bangalore, and if you have a petrol/diesel consuming machine which runs on wheels, then you have faced this menace: 1. Improper fuel refilling 2. Adulterated fuel 3. Fuel filled, but your fuel indicator is still where it was! 4. A drop in mileage (you did not get the required quantity of fuel). Welcome to Bangalore!” This is a posting on one of the many blogs on the ingenious forms of cheating in Bangalore’s petrol stations. Fed up of being ripped off, and frustrated over the apathy of the companies, Bangaloreans have turned to blogs to publicise their experiences. The sites feature the tricks of the trade and some have a blacklist of the cheating stations. Sample some of the innovative modus operandi at petrol stations:

“‘Hundred’, I said to the fellow at the petrol pump…And took the lid off the bike’s tank. Suddenly, another person… was politely asking me whether I wanted a bill for this… I was surprised, and mightily impressed and told him that I did not need a bill. It was then that it hit me,” writes a blogger.

Another blogger sensed the collusion of the managers in all this. Yet another had a 37 litre-capacity tank in his car filled with “40 litres” of petrol!

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